Outfits by Fashion Rooms Being on Fleek!

Trend setter or trend follower, every girl falls in either of these two categories. However, neither is easy. It takes time, struggle and so much research to perfect your ‘outfit of the day’, doesn’t it? Sometimes, in fact, most of the times, it all gets way out of budget too! But fashion rooms have now come into existence, making it all easier for us.

Have you ever had the thought pass your mind that being a girl is so very hard? I haven’t even got to the worst part which is not finding what you’re looking for. As if your fashion taste is the unique and no brand thought of manufacturing anything of that sort.

Do not worry; you are not alone in this struggle. All girls on this planet, whether she has an interest in fashion or not, whether she likes dressing up or not, regardless of all these factors, we have all been to this extremely frustrating point in life. In fact, it is this struggle that makes some girls give up fashion and they start to dislike dressing up. Let’s introduce you to ‘Fashion Rooms.’ This is something I think every fashionista has dreams about.

You might be thinking, by the sound of it, it must be a place full of fashionable things. Wouldn’t that be a girl’s dream come true? A fashion room being a place providing all latest trends, all the cool stuff, every single thing you’ve had on your ‘must-buy-list’ for too long now. The shoes which that very famous model was wearing, those gorgeous ear rings you saw in a celebrity wearing in a movie, or that shirt you drooled over which you saw in the magazine. You can finally reach all of it at these fashion rooms!

How amazing would it be to have all of these things, or at least something similar, to be available in just one place? What would make it even better? Of course, everything would be budget friendly yet good quality. How we all wish this would all come true and we would have a place like this, because this just sounds too good to be true. Right?

Somebody needs to put this idea in practice, and come up with a place fulfilling our wishes, providing the best of the best and making life not just easy but also trendy and ‘on fleek’!


Fulfilling your dream of making everyone go ‘wow, that girl knows fashion’ should be the aim of such a boutique. This boutique is definitely going to be that vogue fashion room you’ll be hearing about soon in town.

To be a fashionista is something you should be proud of. This is an art too, a way of expressing yourself. Dressing yourself up is an expression of the inner self and shows to people how much effort you put into yourself. While helping you with dresses, through these fashion rooms you’ll be getting different ideas too.

Plus, the struggle of finding the perfectly trendy pieces is not easy. With multiple fashion trends going on, you need to have the option to show your opinion through your dressing. You can make all your dreams of dressing up as you like come true through the clothes at these fashion rooms.



All of it is a remarkable talent, and it is wrong of people who consider it as a waste of money or time. Fashion is an important part of life. When you dress up and feel confident about yourself, you have higher chances of performing better in every field and every aspect. Fashion is very flexible. You can choose what fits your budget, what you think looks good on you. It is different for every person and therefore, it is the broadest form of art. Fashion room ideas will help you make your dressing get better, and the clothes at these fashion rooms will give you a broader range to express yourself through your clothes.

Anyway, let’s help you out with what you should buy next time you go out shipping at some fashion rooms in NYC. The latest fashion trends are some unusual ones. A lot of girls have a hard time rocking them because they are shy to wear clothes like that. These trends include dungarees, ripped jeans, etc. Bomber jackets are very in this winter, especially patched ones. Patched jeans are also trending a lot. Patched bags and other stuff are being loved too.


This shows that patches are the new in thing, and you’ll easily find these available at the vogue fashion room. This trend is very easy to follow. Anyone can easily make a patched pair of jeans or shirt or jacket. Just take a basic plain clothing item. Use sticker fabric sheets and print your favorite design or pattern or any logo. Then cut out the sticker patches, place them on your clothing item in the way you love it, and iron them. Voila! They’ll look exactly like clothes which you’ve bought off some fashion room on facebook. You have a trendy jacket, jeans or shirt, with exactly what you like and exactly how you like, and that too in a relatively lower price.

Dungarees are a very cute clothing item, and you’ll easily find them available at the fashion rooms in NYC or California. Basic denim dungarees can be worn over plain t-shirts or striped t-shirts. Roll the bottom and pair it up with some converse. Add a p-cap if you would like, and your outfit is on fleek. Printed dungarees can be found from these fashion rooms and can be rocked in a similar way. You have the option to spice up the look by adding patches to your basic dungaree as I mentioned before. Or according to another fashion room idea, you can add accessories or wear more dressy shoes to make the look a little less casual. However, with dungarees, the casual comfy and careless sort of look goes well.

Ruffled shirts and off shoulder shirts, along with cold shoulder tops and sweaters are also getting the love. All of these can be found at the vogue fashion room! Ruffled shirts are usually a basic solid color. The ruffled part adds a little extra something to make you look stylish. Off shoulder, tops flatter your collar bones and shoulders while covering the rest of your upper body. A little part of your body showing while most of it covered is a very sexy look.


Similarly, cold shoulder tops have a similar concept. Sweaters are also now available in this design. A little part of your shoulder is visible. This keeps the element of mystery while keeping your outfit pretty modest. This is the fashion room idea and a look that will make people stare at you a little longer. Follow these trends of the fashion rooms, and you’re guaranteed to get a few more drinks at the bar next time. Skirts, paired with a crop top are the favorite look of the vogue fashion room this year. A crop top showing a little part of your stomach and flaunting your bust and waist, worn with a flared skirt with a beautiful design, not showing even a hint of your lower body are another impressive look falling under the fashion room ideas.

Just following the latest trends is not enough to prove your fashion style. There are other technical parts to dressing up too. This is why you sometimes notice that one clothing piece might look hot on your friend, but it wouldn’t flaunt your body as much. All of these can be taken care of by knowing your body shape and trying to follow it to shop what’s best going to suit your body shape, which can be familiarized by being aware of fashion room ideas.

There are multiple body types including pear, hourglass, triangle, rectangle or circle. The first thing you need to know is that whatever your body shape is, it doesn’t affect you or your personality in any way. Now according to models and the fashion industry, hourglass shape is what you should be trying to achieve. So if you’re a circle, you want to wear clothes that will give the illusion of you as an hourglass body shape. Fashion rooms can provide you with such clothes!

Firstly, you need to figure out what your body shape is. You can research online about different body types and see which category you fit in best. Next step is to find celebrities with similar body shape. Then look through their fashion style and try to figure out what sort of clothes do they wear, and try to find similar clothes are nearby fashion rooms. Try to find the similarity in all of their looks. And then start making your wardrobe. Other than body type, you must also take care about what colors suit you. First, you should see if you’re bluer toned or yellow toned or red toned. Then try on different colors of clothes. Figure out what goes best with your eye color, hair color, skin tone, and body shape. Looking into all these fashion room ideas and factors will help improve your dressing up a game.

To always have your outfit on fleek, you must own some basic must have items which will easily be available for you at fashion rooms. These include basic blue jeans, light blue jeans, black jeans, and leggings, a pair of shorts and maybe a skirt or two. For tops, you must have plain black and white t-shirts which you can find at the vogue fashion house. A striped t-shirt will be helpful too. Similarly, for shoes, you must have a pair of classic converse, some boots, dressy heels and uggs for winters especially.

Your outfit will not really be on fleek if you are not comfortable. So make sure that whatever you choose is in accordance with the fashion room ideas, and is also comfortable to you. You must not feel like you are not yourself, you must feel confident in what you are wearing. Your outfit is only complete when it does not just look good but also makes you feel good. You can pick out such outfits and clothes from nearby fashion rooms in NYC and such cities. Therefore, it is my suggestion that does not get too obsessed with fashion that you have to put trends over your opinion and comfort. This is why you should mostly shop at only those stores that you know offer clothes of quality that satisfies you. Do not buy hot shoes from a shop you have never had a good experience with; rather try much more budget friendly fashion rooms. It is better to give up a good looking thing if it is not of a high enough quality to satisfy your heart.


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